On the 26th of April 2011 the Hungarian Parliament modified the Act for the Protection of Non-Smoker, which was a significant change in the Hungarian legislation according to the protection of non-smokers. Before the modification of Act for the Protection of Non-Smoker, Focal Point for Tobacco Control (FPTC) prepared impact assessments, collected data and liaised relationships with different national and international organizations, such as the WHO, Members of Parliament, Smoke Free Partnership. It was really important to determine the possible benefits of the Act, because the representatives of tobacco and hospitality industries tried to attack the amendment many times.

As the result of the good preparation the law came into effect on the 1st of January 2012. With the amendment the provisions on spatial restriction of smoking toughened significantly. According to the legislation in force, smoking is prohibited in rooms of public institutions that are open to the public, on means of public transport, at workplaces, in underpasses open to passenger traffic and in other connection spaces of public passageways with enclosed air spaces, in public playgrounds and within 5 meters of their external borderlines.

After the modification of the Act, FPTC participated in a media campaign to inform people about the Act and encourage cessation; established a telephone service to inform people about cessation methods and services. FTCP took part in a promotion of the designated smoking areas and the introduction of 42 pictorial health warnings. The group carried out research and studies regarding smoking prevalence, smoking habits and a survey on indoor air quality. Furthermore, FPTC participated in the preparation of compliance’s control, developed template for record and software. Above the legislation related activities, FPTC is implementing tobacco prevention programs for children in nurseries and primary schools.

You can find more information about the past and current activities of FPTC, the regulations of Act for the Protection of Non-Smoker and the results of researches in the following presentations.